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Do you have nearby parking?

We have a huge 30+ space carpark so you can park right outside - for free. No hassle with in town parking here!

Do you sell your own Gift Vouchers?

Yes. We have a Three Zero Gift voucher currently only obtainable in store or by phone order (we can post it to you)

You are a new business. Where has all your expertise come from?

We are the Ski & Tent team who worked at Penrose Outdoors in Truro. When it was sold in Summer 2016, the new owners did not want the Ski or the Tent business, so we moved the stock and our expertise up here and created this fantastic shop at Victoria. We have installed custom Ski boot fitting and found a new Ski servicing machine for those perfect edges

Is Rohan part of this business, and the same as it was in Truro?

Its the same as it was in Truro, operated by ThreeZero on behalf of Rohan, with very close ties to Rohan. Even has Jerry back in 4 days a week (Weds - Sat) (correct at Dec 2016)

What was your building before it became a shop?

Recently we understand it was a Pine Furniture sales wharehouse. It is part of the old Bamber complex on the old A30 next to the Silken Ladder

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